Why communication skills are essential to the practice of Law


Although Law is a field that highly revolves around paper work and long hours of focus on studying cases and so forth, that does not mean that communication is not as vital.

As lawyers, your clients have to always be able to talk to their lawyers freely, therefore encompassing good communication skills plays a crucial role in how well of a lawyer you ought to become. For instance, here are two communication tips:

  1. Communication with your Clients is Key- In order to avoid getting lost in your excitement when dealing with a case, it is very important to establish your objectives by establishing timelines and your deadlines in order to successfully manage your client’s expectations and assess the potential outcome.
  2. Good communication with Colleagues- The most important aspect to communication is adaptability. This means to analyze the situation without fear, ask for help if needed and for your colleague’s past experiences if necessary. Stay well rounded with your surroundings and do not get involved in competition or useless drama. Get to where you want to get through communicating properly and not through gossiping.


However, it is important to note that with legal communication there are 7 C’s that you should critically pay attention to:

  1. Clear- It is very important to ensure that whatever it is that you’re drafting is clear to the reader who is not aware of the subject nor the concepts and objectives of the documents. Always assume that the person reading your writing is not familiar with the topic and therefore you should walk him/her through it.
  2. Concise- Always make sure that the language used in writing is concise, meaning straightforward and to the point. It would make other parties understand better without getting bored. Why convey your point in a paragraph if you can in a sentence.
  3. Concrete-Be as specific as you can but again, without boring the reader with unnecessary extra information.
  4. Correct-In legal communication, getting your information right is extremely important. Make sure that you are always writing down the name of the parties in a correct manner and avoid offending anyone, especially as the parties involved may be from different backgrounds.



  1. Coherent-Do not jump around from a concept to another. This may confused your reader and make your document unclear. Always follow a systematic way of portraying your thoughts.
  2. Complete- Make sure that you are not missing any information!
  3. Courteous- Make your language and tone always conveyed in a communication friendly manner as different parties may get offended with different styles of communication.






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