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SADER Unipro, the first legal education mobile app in the Arab world, aims at improving the journey of law school students. Unipro facilitates access to legal content from a student’s perspective, boosts student’s visibility of legal career opportunities and creates the community of “Future Jurists” where students can share thoughts and publish their own opinions on legal matters. 

You can get started with the application by accessing the “MCourses” section where you can check all related content according to your chosen course. Additionally, SADER Unipro will provide you with some market insights and articles as well as lectures that you can make use of or refer to in both your studying and day to day lives. In the case where you feel lost, click the search button on top of the application and explore our advanced search engine which facilitates your research process even further.  

Below is a sneak peak of the most important features that Unipro has to offer: 

SADER OLEX Search Engine 

  • Optimized for legal terms  

  • Provides styled search results with visually categorized colored icons  

  • Categorizes search results as follow:  

  1. Laws, jurisprudence,  

  1. Doctrine exam questions, exam cases,  

  1. Q&A o legal job vacancies  

  1. Course plan  

  1. Legal articles  

  1. Job opportunities 

20, 000 + Legal Documents  

  • Major Codes  

  • Laws  

  • Jurisprudence  

  • Doctrine  

  • International Treaties  

  • Legal Studies 

3, 300 + Legal Flash Cards 

  • Exam Questions  

  • Exam Cases   

  • Legal Questions & Answers  

  • General Culture 

Unlimited Legal Education Resources 

  • Local and International Legal News 

  • Online Law Courses in Arabic, French and English  

  • Legal Career Tips  

  • Legal Knowledge 

More about what the app has to offer? Stay connected! 

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Your Complimentary Legal Education Tool



Legal Flashcards

> Exam Questions

> Exam Cases

> Legal Questions & Answers

> General Culture


Legal Education Resources

> Local & International Legal News

> Online Law Courses in Arabic, French and English

> Legal Career Tips

> Legal Knowledge