Starting your Legal career


The thought of starting your career might sound super scary. However, you’re in fact more ready to embark on your journey than you might have imagined. How do I know that? Because for whatever reason that you might have chosen law to be your career move, you have decided to take on a route that you have chosen to develop on in order to become the best that you can be in that particular field. Having taken a huge decision as such, was already your next big step in life.

A person’s aspirations in life is their ultimate motivation to achieve their goal. Therefore, starting your legal career with a passion towards the legal industry, can already guarantee you success. However, passion does not mean drive. You must drive your passion to aim at your purpose. This is done through shifting your purpose from “How do I get a job after graduation” to “How do I want to develop on my legal career?” The answer to do that is straightforward, do not simply attend law school, but rather let law school play a role in shaping the person you ought to become: a valuable asset to any organization you wish to become a part of.

To that account, the below are valuable steps that you must consider when starting your legal career:

  1. Educate yourself- there’s no such thing as knowing enough. There’s always constant room for development and enhancing your knowledge. Keep on learning, whether through university or after graduation. The power of knowing is what will always place you in the front line.
  2. Leverage your expertise- Focus on your best skills in order to know which area is your best strength and try to participate in it as much as you can through internships, trainings, and etc. This will help you develop on your skills and know what your preferred field of law is.
  3. Build your network- It is extremely crucial to continuously network by attending meetings, conferences, and seminars as well as talk to a variety of different people who are involved in the legal field to learn more about the profession and any available job openings that they may be aware of. Networking is always the gateway to opportunities.
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