“Death Exams" -Lebanese university students want to be heard


COVID-19 has become one of our generation’s deadliest disease. It has disrupted almost every sector in the world and the education field is no exception. However, the Lebanese University in Lebanon has explicitly announced that It will undergo final exams despite the circumstances as they feel that education should not be disturbed regardless of any event.

To that end, although students have severely expressed their opinion opposing the Lebanese University’s decision to go on with the exams, students were left with no choice but to attend the university and take their finals assessments.

Amid the exam period, one of the students experienced COVID-19 symptoms in which she then announced that she had tested positive for the corona virus after taking her final exam; which has raised concerns and fears amongst the rest of the students who were in the building.

Students of the Lebanese University have once again expressed their anger through social media under the title “Death Exams” and even appealed to the Ministry of Education with unfortunately not outcome. Exams remained and still remain in place despite the spread of the virus and concerns.


By: Lana Fadel

Picture source: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/all-lives-matter-hands-holding-placards_8848410.htm

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