Are lawyers prepared for innovation?


Law has always held the reputation of being an ‘old fashioned’ industry and uncapable of adapting to the technological aspect of the world. It isn’t untrue that law has been rather slow compare to other industries in adapting to technology, and that is because law is still somehow reliant on traditional factors and is undoubtedly skeptical about getting out of its comfort zone. Lawyers are in favor of papers and books because learning and working in law has been like that for as long as anyone can remember. However, for the last years, the legal field has made major improvements in terms of incorporating technology in their scope of work. Albeit law’s innovative journey has been slow, it is significant to realize the industry’s innovative path, which has given the legal industry a new identity, a contemporary one.

Leveraging lawyer’s knowledge

What does leverage one’s knowledge mean? Being knowledgeable of a certain area or topic more than others and using that knowledge or skill to your advantage or to the advantage of others is leveraging your knowledge. As lawyer’s are used to specific ways to practice or study law, making use of those traditional ways to leverage the use of technology in the legal field, is key to legal innovation. Instead of lagging behind with technology, law can now find new ways to incorporate technology in the way lawyers are comfortable with its integration in their practice without having to undergo major change; which has in fact already commenced.

In other words, law is making use of innovation to improve the legal experience. Questions such as how can legal advice be delivered more efficiently? How can legal contracts become easier to draft? How can law make use of artificial intelligence to make its practice easier? These are all instances of how lawyers are now taking into consideration the integration of technology into the field.

Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box is contradicting term in law since lawyer’s are merely used to a decentralized approach. However, with the field’s commitment to innovation in recent years, things have been rapidly changing and positively. Law firms have been looking into ways to incorporate strategies such as data analytics, automation, artificial intelligence and other ways to secure a competitive advantage since innovation is not a trend, but it is rather a need as well as a responsibility to guarantee the legal field an offer of admission to the future.


By: Lana Fade

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