Psychological impact of COVID-19 and how to beat it


The lockdown due to the coronavirus may have seemed fine at the beginning. Stay at home for a couple of weeks? Have more time to focus on yourself? Spend more time with the family? Finally fix your closet? It all sounded somehow ideal first. However, as the situation is worsening all around the globe, be it linked to health, economic or business issues, it is also worth mentioning the psychological impact that COVID-19 has on every individual whether a professional or a student.  David Rock, founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute said: “In the brain, it’s like we woke up on day in a war zone with no training or skills, and our brains are not dealing well with it.”[1]

We humans are social animals and we are in need of human interaction. It is not bizarre if you’re starting to feel like you’re randomly developing anxiety just from being at home the whole time. David Rock also said: “When things feel completely out of control, even small stressors become big stressors.”[2]

Here are three suggested tips that we can offer you in order to learn how to deal with this sort of stress:

Focus on the parts of your day that you can absolutely control

During this time, everything and everyone around you is most likely irritating you. For that reason, try to establish a routine for yourself in order not to feel like your personal space is being invaded or stepped on by the people around you. Set a specific schedule for work time and another for family time and communicate it with one another to establish boundaries.

Additionally, your job may unconsciously cause you stress as you’re aware that many people around you are losing their jobs. Try to deal with this part of anxiety by minimizing your spending and think responsibly. David Rock mentioned: “It’s actually quite powerful to be proactively making choices in a situation that feels like it’s been done to you.”[3]

Schedule time to socialize

As already mentioned, humans are social animals and socializing is a crucial aspect of our lives that we can simply not eliminate. Therefore, even if it needs to be done virtually, try to schedule coffee dates or interactive fun time to get your mind off things.

Set a specific time for watching the news/work

Sitting all day listening to the news or reading on social media how COVID-19 is affecting the world is absolutely not healthy. If you already feel like your world is falling apart, try to minimize the amount of time you spend on the news. The same thing applies with work/study. With working or studying remotely, you may get caught up over working and forgetting about the above points. It is extremely crucial for every individual to set a specific time for all their activities and adopt a schedule that fits them best. After all, whether our current situation is almost over or here to stay for a while, work on your skill of adaptation in an effective and efficient manner because you never know when you may have to adapt to a ‘new normal’.


By: Lana Fadel

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