How to work/study from home


If you’re working or studying from home due to the coronavirus outbreak and you feel like you’re about to go out of your mind, we got you covered. Here are a few tips that can help you get through the day and remain sane.

It is completely normal for people to struggle with work in the same area in which they’re used to relaxing and sleeping in. If you have not worked remotely or studied form home before, it may take your brain as well as your body a little while before they understand your new lifestyle.

In order to facilitate that process for you, it is highly encouraged by experts to set up your own working space at home in order to separate your work routine from your sleeping routine. Try as much as you can to NOT work on your bed, you’ll end up feeling suffocated! Also, it would be helpful to make your home desk environment similar to your office at work by having the same stuff around you such as sticky notes, copybooks, pens and etc. to have access to same facilities you previously had.

Remote work can make you procrastinate just as much as it can make you over work. Experts say that most people who work remotely almost never stop working, simply because they don’t know when to stop and how to separate their work life form their home life. In order not to fall into that trap, make sure that you establish boundaries in between the two. Try to make your surroundings as well as your colleagues aware when you’re working and when you’re not and what working hours you have set for yourself. Tools such as Microsoft teams, group chats and any other channels that could keep you connected with your colleagues both at work and at home, are very useful in making you feel like you’re still taking part regardless of your location.

Working from home will undoubtedly take time to get used to, especially when you have no other choice but to work remotely due to a sudden emergency. If you feel trapped and isolated at home, simply go for a walk or do anything that could give you a change of scenery. This will make you come back fresh and ready to go on with your work or study.

Who knows, you might end up liking it and choose to work remotely on a full-time basis!

By: Lana Fadel


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