How to make it in the field of law?


Join us on the 25th of January 2021 at 6PM for our season 2 episode 3 of our MEET THE EXPERT series. As we host Expert Marion Couvreur for a session on How to make it in the fiel of law?

During this session Marion will go over points like:

- How to develop your network

- What are the key skills to acquire during your career?

- New dimensions of IP Law

- Education and background

- Many more key criterias

You don't want to miss this REGISTER NOW LINK below:

Places are limited!

Marion's bio:

Marion Couvreur joined Alibaba Group in December 2019 as Deputy Director, Global IP Enforcement. She has more than 10 years' of global experience in Intellectual Property and Digital Law. Prior to Alibaba, Marion was Head of IP at Christian Louboutin and Legal Counsel at Hermès. She was admitted to the Paris Bar in 2009 and holds an Executive MBA from HEC Paris.


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