The role of social media in today’s legal industry


Social media platforms provide opportunities to modern businesses and those in the legal industry are no exception. Social media platforms can serve as business development tools, career advancement as well as enable a certain reputation that you would like to convey to your clients.

How can social media particularly help a lawyer?

Social media can serve as the share point for the content that you would like to share with the world or your connections, be it articles you’ve written, an opinion about something, an add about some service you provide and etc. This could be through Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or even a website, which could be an individual website (a blog maybe) or through your company’s website. Social media is also ideal since regardless of the initial posting platform, you can then share to all social media platforms, making your content accessible to a broad audience. When we say audience here, we mean individuals or organizations that you would like to engage with and connect with. This is how social media serves as both a business and career development tool. Interacting with your target audience increases your visibility online, which is really the objective of using social media.

Why is this particularly important for lawyers?

Prospective clients will be able to find you fast, use your content for research purposes, clients may decide to reach you for consultation purposes, and generate awareness of your service or background in general. Although social media may require some sort of investment, putting in the time will be increasing your visibility online which has now become a crucial aspect in the legal world.

Tips for lawyers involved in social media

  1. Make sure that your personal account is separate than your professional profile, you would not want to mix these two together.

  2. Post often but not too often, you do not want to overwhelm your audience with content.

  3. Make sure your content is actually relevant to your practice area or what you’re trying to promote.

  4. Post valuable content and not any content.

  5. Follow similar pages to inspire and get inspired.


By: Lana Fadel

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